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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chicken/Tuna Casserole

Another meal that is great during colder weather. It really sticks to your ribs and warms you thru and thru! 


1 package egg noodles, prepared as directed

5 T butter & flour (to make a rue)

2 1/2 C of milk

1 package of cream cheese, cut into cubes

2 sm cans of tuna or 1 large can of chicken

8 thicker slices of muenster cheese

1 cup of bread crumbs


Prepare egg noodles and set aside for later. 

Start out by making a rue of 5 Tbsp of butter and flour. Cook it down whilst whisking for about 2 minutes (it helps cook out the flour taste)

Then add 2.5 cups of milk slowly whilst whisking. When a nice creamy sauce has formed, add in your cream cheese .

Lastly add in 2 small cans of tuna (or one large OR a can o' chicken).

In a large casserole dish layer ingredients:  sauce/noodle/muenster cheese/sauce/noodle/muenster cheese/sauce/breadcrumbs

Bake on 350 until bubbly

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