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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cheese & Pepperoni - don't mind if I do!!!!

Ok, yes I'm blogging this. Yes, it is nothing but cheese & pepperoni. However, it's amusing. I needed a last minute appetizer for guests that I didn't know were coming before I had went to the store earlier that day. So I dug around in my cabinets and made the best of what I had on hand and I think it turned out cute, with a side of funny. Everyone gobbled it up!! Seriously, the whole plate was gone within minutes! Good to know that appetizers can be this easy! I will definitely make this again and again while entertaining. Cheap & yummy. :)

Ritz crackers
Kraft Easy Cheese (or any bottle of cheesy whiz goodness)
Pepperoni Sticks sliced (I used the Hormel Turkey Pepperoni Sticks - only 50 calories per stick!)

Crackers, cheese on top, then a slice of pepperoni stuck in the cheese. I added the leftover pepperoni slices around the plate.

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